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Our Program Can Get You The Cash You Need Now! Simply Fill Out Our Forms Offered Above, To Hear From A Loan Or Leaseback Specialist! Using Our Loan Form You Can Effectively Get the Money You Need Based On the Value Of Your Equipment. We Also Handle a Variety of Other Loans That You Can Apply For As Well.

Not only can you take out a leaseback on your equipment, but you can take out an equipment loan as well, giving you the solution that works for you!

Global Capital Bancorp is a full service financial services company, specializing in creative lending options for commercial lending, hotel, motel & resort financing, equipment leasing, franchise purchase financing, franchise buyout loans, stock loans, and government sponsored loans (SBA).

At Global Capital we realize starting and running a business is no easy task. Growth and prosperity require capital. Going to a bank to start or grow your business isn't always easy and its certainly never pleasant. When banks look for reasons to say no we find reasons to say yes.

Getting capital for your business doesn't have to be difficult. We will get you the capital you need as timely and as painlessly possible