Think no one will give you a mortgage or loan you money to buy a house because you have bad credit, 
						   					  no credit, foreclosure or bankruptcy on your credit report? Think Again!
This directory features mortgage companies, mortgage brokers, direct mortgage funding companies, 
						   					  or other lenders or lending institutions who make loans to borrowers with credit problems. These loans may be originated for purchase, refinance, debt consolidation, cash out,  foreclosure prevention, divorce settlements or any other purpose. Loans and mortgages may be available a first mortgage, second mortgage, home equity loan, first trust, second trust, or construction loan.
Scroll down to find the lender in your state willing to make you a loan even in you have bad credit, no credit, other credit problems, bankruptcy or foreclose in your past.
South Carolina Mortgage Brokers
Below find listings for mortgage brokers, and mortgage lenders in South, including major cities as well as smaller towns throughout the state. These listings represent anyone in the mortgage business and may include some firms who only work with excellent credit borrowers or even specialized commercial loan companies. For residential lenders more likely working with borrowers who have less than perfect credit, visit the main South bad credit mortgage brokers page.
Due to the general tightening of the mortgage market when it comes to credit and the lack of true sub prime lenders, FHA loans often become the mortgage of choice for Southpeople without excellent credit. Since FHA loans come as a product offered by a wider variety of lenders and mortgage brokers.  The companies listed here may be able to help with a bad credit mortgage as much as  a mortgage broker listing as a specialty who only works with FHA loans as a means to help those with poor credit get a home loan.
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South Carolina Mortgage Brokers

1325 Pearman Dairy Rd
Anderson, SC
Company Phone: 864-226-8507

2710 N Main St
Anderson, SC
Company Phone: 864-224-3302

210 N Mcduffie St # 103
Anderson, SC
Company Phone: 864-224-1447

102 North Ave
Anderson, SC
Company Phone: 864-222-1758

209 Charles St # 102
Beaufort, SC
Company Phone: 843-379-8813

1314 Park St
Columbia, SC
Company Phone: 803-733-2615

612 Saint Andrews Rd
Columbia, SC
Company Phone: 803-798-8927

2001 Assembly St # 202
Columbia, SC
Company Phone: 803-765-1772

1500 Richland St
Columbia, SC
Company Phone: 803-765-1680

810 Dutch Square Blvd # 105
Columbia, SC
Company Phone: 803-354-9167

144 Leisure Ln # 1
Columbia, SC
Company Phone: 803-798-4034

15 Whitsett St
Greenville, SC
Company Phone: 864-255-3173

14 W Antrim Dr
Greenville, SC
Company Phone: 864-235-4881

9 Whitsett St
Greenville, SC
Company Phone: 864-242-4264

531 S Main St # 200
Greenville, SC
Company Phone: 864-242-9395

8 Mckenna Commons Ct
Greenville, SC
Company Phone: 864-232-3830

770 Pelham Rd
Greenville, SC
Company Phone: 864-282-2554

114 Howe St
Greenville, SC
Company Phone: 864-232-1772

205 Village At Wexford
Hilton Head Isle, SC
Company Phone: 843-842-4004

4341 Charlotte Hwy # 211
Lake Wylie, SC
Company Phone: 803-831-0056

861 Coleman Blvd
Mt Pleasant, SC
Company Phone: 843-884-8133

311 S Main St
Mullins, SC
Company Phone: 843-464-1200

4717 Jenn Dr # 100
Myrtle Beach, SC
Company Phone: 843-449-5261

2151 Ashley Phosphate Rd # B
North Charleston, SC
Company Phone: 843-569-3000

223 E Main St # 100
Rock Hill, SC
Company Phone: 803-329-2007

1190 Asheville Hwy
Spartanburg, SC
Company Phone: 864-585-9602

840 Shull St # B
West Columbia, SC
Company Phone: 803-791-9790

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